Dr. Joann Monteiro has been in practice since 1996.  Her technique is uniquely her own and comprises what she feels is practical and effective from several dozen techniques she has studied over the years.  She primarily uses Applied Kinesiology (AK) which allows one to gain vital information from the body’s own Autonomic Nervous System.

AK helps to precisely identify the area(s) in need of help because it bypasses the sometimes confusing messages of pain and dysfunction and inquires directly of the nervous system what the body’s needs are.  Not only is this a window into what the underlying cause(s) are of a particular imbalance but also identifies the steps (sequence and timing) needed to heal the tissue and/or system completely and fully.

Our Mission

Joann Monteiro, DC

Our mission is to assist the body in its own natural healing ability. We use various non-invasive, highly effective techniques that help to restore health and well-being.  We also educate our patients on the benefits of sound nutrition, stress relief techniques, exercise, and other health related information in an effort to empower you on your path to health.

Jillian Van Nostrand, RN (she/they)

Levels of Care

At Seacoast Breast Health, health care is as much about your journey as it is about the goal of fabulous breast health. We offer varying levels of care depending on your initial state of health and what your outcome objectives are.

​​​Seacoast Breast Health 

By removing as many of the stressors and toxins as possible, the body has a much better chance of returning to its natural function and fully recover, just as surely as birds and fish will come back to their habitat when air and water are cleaned up. If you decide to become a patient your treatment will not be about masking symptoms, but instead about bringing you closer toward health and well-being and empowering you to maintain balance in your life.  We take the time to get to know you well, and we are interested in developing a lasting relationship with you. 


We want all of our patients to graduate into the Seacoast Lifestyle, where they will know to come in regularly, annually and seasonally, for checkups and maintenance therapies. From their personal journey to this optimal level, our patients know what they need to do seasonally to stay healthy.  They do not need as many tests and therapies as they did in the previous levels, and they will understand that Seacoast Breast Health is a worthwhile lifestyle, something to pass on to the next generation.

Jill has been a professional medicinal herbalist, Registered Nurse, Certified Midwife, Sex Educator, Counselor & Colon Therapist with advanced certification and a 45-year private practice. She is our resident European Thermographer and follow-up provider since 2014. Her treatments focus on lymphatic drainage, energetic rebalancing and nutritional counseling and network referrals.  She has 50 years of, practical knowledge and teaching experience in natural well-being and regulation, herbs & nutrition, and women's health.  ​​


The Cleanup Level is the category for the most critically ill patient. Patients in this category have been given a diagnosis, may or may not have had surgery, but have gone through or are going through chemotherapy and/or radiation, which are the most toxic treatments offered by orthodox medicine. In addition to dealing with the disease processes that led to ​the symptoms ​​and diagnosis, intense tissue restoration and careful detoxification are necessary.


Many women who have breast disease and other diagnoses want to take a non-conventional medical route back to health. Patients in this category are often on medication. Our goal for these patients is to not only resolve their major symptoms but also to minimize if not eliminate their need for pharmaceutical medication.

​​ Your body has a natural healing wisdom.

We believe that symptoms are the body’s expression of trying to cope with physical, nutritional, emotional, and/or environmental stressors that are hostile to the body’s functioning and survival.  Symptoms are the body's messages, communicating a need for help.

Most physicians treat symptoms by trying to make them disappear, i.e. pain killers, muscle relaxants, adjustments only, but this only sweeps the problem under the rug and often makes the water more murky.  We believe that the body has an inherent intelligence to regulate and heal itself but that it has somehow lost the ability to do that.

Symptoms Are a Sign for Change​


Many patients reach a plateau in their health where their symptoms are mild enough that they just live with them. Or they have chronic symptoms that are not severe enough for an orthodox physician to diagnose and treat, and so their symptoms persist for years. Here is where our naturopathic approach can really make a difference. ​Our goal for these patients is to get to the root of and address these chronic, sub-clinical issues that can become part of the comprehensive pile-up of dysfunction that leads to breast disease. As you optimize your health, we can then point out habits and predispositions for you to avoid or optimize, to move you into the Lifestyle level of care.