European Thermography is a gentle test that takes temperature readings on your skin, analyzes them, and gives you a colored report showing how healthy your organs and glands are, including your lovely breasts.

A report will be generated for you, and Jillian will review and interpret it with you and offer options for custom treatment. The results will help you understand what you can do to keep your breasts healthy.

No, it's much better! In comparison to the information you get, the European Thermography report is much more comprehensive and advanced, so much so that the results are used to strategize a treatment plan whether you have a breast issue or not. The camera imaging thermography reports heat and that's it. You go home having no idea what to do to stay healthy or resolve your symptoms.

How often should I have European Thermography?

It's important to understand that European Thermography is a functional test that analyzes your breast physiology. Mammography is an imaging diagnostic that analyzes your breast anatomy. European Thermography reveals dysfunction and underlying causes, and mammography detects the presence of abnormal tissue density and growths.

European Thermography does not replace mammography because it does not do the same thing, but in naturopathic medicine it is a welcome addition to other diagnostics such as breast imaging and palpation. ​​

European Thermography
The only holistic breast evaluation

How do I schedule an appointment?

The best way to schedule is to call Jillian VanNostrand at (774)-487-7092. 

Appointments are Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 

8 am - 12 noon

​Once you've scheduled an appointment, click on 'forms' at the top of the page, download health forms & check guidelines.  Bring forms with you all filled out.

Frequently Asked Questions

EU Thermography computer-generated illustration

EU Thermography infrared thermometer and computer

The reasons behind your symptoms become clear.

Can European Thermography detect breast cancer?

What will I experience at the appointment?

The answer is no. This test is not diagnostic of cancer or any other disease.  Ultrasound is recommended for imaging, if indicated. The way to detect breast cancer is with a biopsy.

​However, European Thermography findings can reveal the suspicion that a serious disease process is underway in the physiology, which would warrant further testing. European Thermography is a valuable first line health screening in that respect, but no medical test is perfect and every test should be used in conjunction with other tests.

Is European Thermography the same as digital imaging (camera) thermography?

​Naturopaths who have both devices are finding that for breast analyses high quality DITI is helpful for showing where there is excessive heat and European Thermography is great at showing where and why there is excessive heat.

In summary, European Thermography gives you more information about your breast health, and it empowers you to be proactive. That's why we chose this device.

The camera thermography only gives information about excessive heat in the breast. European Thermography gives information about all the major organs, glands, and lymph, as well as the breasts, so you can understand your breast health in context of your whole body, 6 Facets and all.

The camera thermography, called digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), uses a special heat-sensitive camera. European Thermography uses an infrared medical-grade thermometer and is a functional test with temperature readings taken before and after the body is mildly stimulated to thermoregulate. 

Is European Thermography for men too?

About the Test

Every year more women are turning their backs on mammography for an annual screening because we want something effective and non-toxic, and we want prevention. Frankly, European Thermography may not have all your answers, but it certainly can get you going in the right direction on the road to restoration and prevention.

Do you still need a mammogram? Consult with your physician and health care practitioners and make an informed decision about how you want to take care of your breast health.

European Thermography reveals these causative disturbances plus information about each of the 6 Facets. Armed with your report findings, your physician can unravel the root sources of your symptoms and help put you back on the road to well being and vitality.

How often you have the test done depends on your results. In general, it is wise to have it done annually as a breast health screening. However, your results may show areas that need improvement and you may be advised to follow up every 3-6 months during a treatment protocol until intended progress is achieved.

Will I still need to get a mammogram?

​European Thermography is often used with cancer patients to understand underlying causal factors and help determine effective treatment strategy.

​​​Seacoast Breast Health 

European Thermography is designed for men, women, and children, so yes indeed, it's for men too. In fact, the men have a Prostate Analysis on their report.

You will arrive at your appointment wearing a long sleeve shirt and long pants. The test is done standing. Our thermographer, Jill Van Nostrand, R.N., takes baseline temperature readings on your face and neck, by lightly touching your skin with the thermometer.  You will be draped and warm, and Jill will finish taking the first set of temperature readings on your torso, front and back, and your breasts (for women only. Men have prostate and testes points measured in this test).

Next, you will dress down to your underwear and then remain standing for 10 minutes while your body thermoregulates, adjusting blood flow to maintain a constant body temperature now that you are unclothed. (You will feel a little chilly.)

After the 10-minute cooling interval, Jill will take second temperature readings at every single point. The dynamic between first and second readings reflects the regulation of your nervous system.  The test, review and treatments take about an hour and a half.  

The European Thermography test is aligned with the 6 Facet principle and comes along at a time when health care in general is just beginning to move toward a more integrative approach to health and well-being. 

This test beautifully identifies areas of concern for the breasts as well as for whole body. It compliments other diagnostics and is useful as a baseline in tissue detoxification.

Learn about the 6 Facets of Breast Health:  THE 6 FACETS

European Thermography reveals where your body is striving to heal itself.

The testing identifies how the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is functioning at every organ and system. The ANS is your body's innate healing mechanism, and if we can see where it's working well and not working well, we can better understand what is causing your symptoms and what to do to remedy that disease process.

Like orchestral instruments, each organ and gland should be performing well, each organ system should be balanced and synchronized, and the interplay of the organ systems should be in rhythm with the natural cycles of the body.

The test is conducted by taking skin temperature readings on the face, neck, and front and back torso before and after a cooling stress period. These skin points are connected to your major organs, glands, and lymph through your nervous system. The computer software analyzes the temperature readings and recognizes patterns that correlate with dysfunction in the physiology. Since physiological dysfunction precedes anatomical symptoms, such as a growth in the breast tissue, the detection of subtle, causative disturbances is key to mastering prevention.